Product Description:

If you want to choose a high quality jammer that can interfere with all cell phone signals,here you can find it.It can also block wifi signal too.And its antenna can be hidden or exposed.In addition,with  cooling fans and heat sink design inside,  the device can work continuously. After working for two hours, the surface temperature of machine is no more than 45 degrees.



Wide jamming radius

Car charger is available

Antenna can be hidden or exposed with antenna cover

With internal rechargable battery .Simple to be replaced.



Frequencies Supported:








2110-2170 MHz


2400-2500 MHz


1570-1580 MHz

Jamming Radius: 20 meters (depending on the signal strength in the given area)

Power supply: AC110-240V  12V   

Built-in Battery:3000mAh

Weight :900g

Working temperature: - 20 ° C ~ + 65 ° C



Package Contents:

* Portable 6 bands cell phone and WiFi jammer

* AC power adapter

* Car charger

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