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Product Description

Handheld GPS L1 - L5 Jammer

Need to cover all GPS signals in the area? This is the most comprehensive coverage of any of our GPS signal jammers.  This powerful unit will block all the L1 / L2 / L3 / L4 and L5 bands, covering both transmission (tracking) and navigation. 

Convenient side mounted switches allow you to select only the bands you wish to block.  The built in fan will keep the unit cool for constant use.

This unit is our top of the line portable GPS jammer.


Range: 10-15M (depending upon local signal strength)
Total Output Power: 2 Watts
Size: 11x6x3cm
Battery Life: Approximately 1 Hour

+ Can operate while charging
+ Each band can operate separately or individually (switch selectable)
+ Built in fans with ventilation slots provide cooling


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*NOTE: While most are blue - case color may vary. Blue or Black.

The Signal Jammer Service

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