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2016 Portable Broad Spectrum Jammer Cell Phone Signal Mobile Blocker 110A sj001 China Manufacturer Wireless Equipment - mwkcvxQs NavtechGPS.

  • 2016 Portable Broad Spectrum Jammer Cell Phone Signal Mobile Blocker 110A sj001 China Manufacturer Wireless Equipment - mwkcvxQs NavtechGPS
  • Highlights
    We are able to provide other bandwidth configurations for this product. If ordering more than 25 pieces the please contact customer support for more information on how to specify a product with your exact jamming frequency needs
    Jamming range depends on the signal strength from various sources, as well as local environment conditions.
    100% Brand new & High quality cellphone signal jammer
    Protects your privacy or meeting against detectaphone
    Also used in school to prevent cheating by phones
    High quality design, Low heat anticipation, continues operation
    Effectively jamming the downlink signal with no interception to the base station
    Extreme lightweight for easy to carry
    Isolating Signal Bandwidth 
    - GSM/CDMA: 850~960Mhz 
    - DCS/CDMA1900: 1805~1990Mhz 
    - 3G: 2110~2170Mhz
    Typical Coverage: 8 Meters
    Average Output Power: 10 dBm
    Typical Battery Life: 2 Hours
    Power supply: Built in Rechargeable Li-ion battery
    Dimension: Antennas off - 97mm x 45mm x 19mm (L x W x D)

    Portable Handheld Broad Spectrum Mobile Cell Phone Signal Jammer.

    Extreme lightweight for easy to carry.

    Jamming range depends on the signal strength from various sources, as well as local environment conditions.

    What's in the box?
    Broad Spectrum Cell Phone Jammer
    Power Adapter (100-240V)
    Car Power Adapter
    What is a Cell Phone Jammer?
    A cell phone jammer is an electronic device that can temporarily disrupt any cell phone signals that are in a close enough area to the jammer. Cell phone jammers are often used by the military and law enforcement officials to either stop or control cell phone communication during disputes or threatening situations. With cell phone use spreading almost everywhere and more people growing tired of being subjected to other people's personal conversations, some municipalities are considering whether to begin jamming cell phone use in some areas.

    How Cell Phone Jammer Works?
    Cell phones communicate with a service network through cell towers. Cell towers are placed in specific places to provide service to small areas. As a cell phone is moved between these areas, the towers pass off the signals.
    A cell phone jammer transmits on the same airwaves that cell phones do. When the jammer is activated, it is able to disrupt the signal between the cell phone and the nearest tower. Because the cell phone jammer and the cell phone use the same frequency, they effectively stop the other signal. Often a cell phone will boost its power at interferences like this so, to keep the signal disrupted, the jammer must be able to stay steady with the cell phone.
    Mobile Phone signal jammers may not be permissible to import into certain countries due to licensing of broadcasts or other restrictions.Please check your country's customs/ telecommunications regulations before placing your order.


    Payment Terms: tt,pp


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